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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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narrative capturing a moment suburban sketches creative expressions last but not least your voice painting a portrait reflections Off the Map LISA ROGERS writer a sharp, cold morning with a riotous pink and orange sky abruptly wakens the far western edge of 02482. Morses Pond's icy surface blings back, and I reach for my skat- ing tights and fleece pants, hoping I won't wake the dog. Once he's up, I'll never get out without suffering his relentless bays: I'll hear him even as I'm tracing the day's first figures. "Come back, come back, come back," he'll plead, his howls diffusing in the thin air. Down a steep hillside, evergreens ring the bowl of the pond. Swans patrol the open water in the channel in front of the town beach, its docks pulled up for the winter. If the snow holds off, we'll soon be able to skate clear across. Away from the boot tracks of the ice fishermen, the ice is smooth and fast, like a just-paved road, and the curve of the shoreline makes it a natural rink. Morses Pond's western rim holds only a slice of Wellesley; unless traveling by water, you must pass through Natick to reach the rest of town. An acquaintance calls our neighborhood "leftover Natick," which I think is meant as an insult, but I don't see it that way. The spot once known as Morses Pond Grove is short on Swellesley's yummy mummies, triple garages, soaring great rooms, and finicky lawns, and long on folk who are out- doors more than in. It's a place where, depending on the season, you can keep your kayak on your neighbor's dock, join an impromptu bar- becue, meet in the middle of the pond to dive off a float, or admire the moon. The pond frees us from lot-line boundaries 192 and allows us to enjoy each other's talents and quirks as we revel in our shared natural resource. When the pond is frozen, someone from the neighborhood will be out. My neighbor Pete glides on Nordic skates, a Hans Brinker-like figure taking perfect strides with his wife Kate. Don glides with a sail; Dave tests his iceboat; Carol clears snow; Kara skates with me; Cathy offers up hot cocoa. The kids play ice hockey or skate from house to house. A calm friendship and goodwill happily characterize our precious bit of earth, sky, and water. It's hard to leave it—perfect in summer, irresistible in win- ter. But, when the world beckons, we head past the pond, crossing zip codes as if we were going into another country. Our tasks completed, we turn toward home, move beyond Wellesley College's gothic towers, and glimpse the water winking down to the right. It's almost like we've found a spot off the map. We park the car, pull out skis, skates, or paddles, grab the leash, and to the pond we go. WBUR'S RADIO BOSTON and The Drum, Boston's audio literary magazine, partner in a project called "Zip-Code Stories" in which they ask contribu- tors to write about their favorite neighborhoods. Lisa's story was selected in January to represent 02482. Be Creative This page is designed to give our readers the opportunity to express themselves creatively. If you have a short piece of fiction (300-500 words), a poem, illustration, or photo- graph depicting life in Wellesley and Weston, we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail your submissions to jill@wellesley- westonmagazine.com. WellesleyWeston Magazine | summer 2012

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