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W e l l e s l e y W e s t o n M a g a z i n e | s u m m e r 2 0 1 5 134 right foods to eat and what foods aren't. That's all because of One for Health." But Miller and Campelia know that long-term success will come not only from making an impact on children, but also by creating a self-sustaining non- profit organization that will be able to financially afford to do good for many years to come. "We want to create a win- win situation for everyone: the busi- nesses, the families, and the kids," says Miller. "Because if not, it's not going to work." In the hopes of fostering more corporate partnerships, they are planning a healthy foods scavenger hunt at the Whole Foods in Dedham and an event called WellComm 2015, which will celebrate all their work so far, showcase their programs, and have an award cere- mony for the local child who shows the greatest activity level, as recorded by an odometer. "We are always going to remain flexible," says Miller. "We are not trying to push anything on anyone. If we can find something that we feel is more impactful that helps us reach the kids to make a lasting change, then we'll change." Their ultimate goal is to roll their One for Health programs out nationally, but Miller and Campelia know that will not be an easy feat. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done," says Campelia. "One for Health is a start-up, but it's a nonprofit start-up. So we're doing it the same way you do a start-up, with sweat equity, whatever time we have, and creativity. And we have such big dreams." Still, Miller and Campelia never forget that the key to making their big dreams come true is focusing on the individual child. "This is a challenge we can win at," says Miller. "We know that if even one person changes their health in a positive way, other people will be impacted by that and it will spread on its own." Both men grow very serious as they reflect on this. "Even if I can make one positive change in a child, I can sleep at night," adds Campelia. seven-week course centered around topics like yoga, organic foods, exercise, and the mind-body connection that is taught by several instructors in the various fields. The course can be given as a whole or broken down into smaller sections. "Since we're working with kids, fun is the name of game," says Miller. So instead of a standard lecture about the negative health effects of soda, they conduct demonstrations where kids actually place seventeen scoops of sugar into a glass of water to represent the sugar content of soda. When explaining the difference between natural and processed foods, they bring in eggs produced in different environments and crack them open to compare the yolks. They instruct children to visualize certain negative experiences and prove how simple thoughts can make a body physically weaker, and they teach children how to read labels and look for terms like "preserva- tives" and "additives." "This work plants a seed in a child's head," says Campelia. "So that the next time that child goes to a supermarket, he thinks about how to shop in a supermarket and how to read the labels." Most of One for Health's educational programs are currently taking place at local Boys & Girls Clubs, where they have been very well received by children and staff. "The kids come to us straight from school with lots of energy," says Chris Crombie, the Program Director at the Watertown Boys & Girls Club. "One for Health does an amazing job of harnessing that energy and putting it to good use, because all their programs also provide a great educational twist. And the kids are really taking to it. We hear them talking about what foods are the TO LEARN MORE, visit www.oneforhealth.org "the kids are really taking to it" fitness & health M E D I A B A K E R Y

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