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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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MAURA WAYMAN business "the world is your playground" Christof has had to learn to temper her personality to meet American business norms. "In Germany, we communicate very directly, and for Americans that can seem rude," she says. "So what I had to learn is to soften my language in a way that's not offensive." But being the entre- "Believe in yourself, go after your dreams, and never give up." – S a l v a t o r e M i c c i c h é / F l o r e n t i n e Fr a m e s preneurial type that she is, Christof has spun this personality trait to her advantage. "I can get away with a rough edge in an email or ride opened in 1982, American consumers wanted sleek, metal, and linear. people a little more and they're not offended because they think I Micciché was selling heavy, ornate, and gilded. "Those first years we lost don't know any better. But I know better," she says with a grin. everything," recalls Micciché. "I had to start from zero and readjust to Salvatore ("Tony") Micciché was twenty years old and working in a the American market." But Micciché persisted, learning about his con- frame shop in Florence, Italy, when a beautiful American girl crossing sumers and changing his buying patterns. Then in the 1990s a Tuscan the Piazza della Repubblica caught his eye. Her name was Karen and decorating craze hit and Florentine Frames was off and running. Through these ups and downs there are two things that never University. Micciché spoke no English and had never been outside of changed: Micciché's absolute commitment to quality and his dedica- Italy. But that's the thing about love, it works in mysterious ways. Two tion to his customers, both of which he attributes to his Italian her- years after their first meeting, Micciché found himself married to We l l e s l e y We s t o n M a g a z i n e | w i n t e r 2 0 1 3 / 2 0 1 4 she was studying abroad in Florence while attending Georgetown itage. Florentine Frames is a place where people come in, chat about Karen and the owner of a tiny frame shop on Boston Post Road in their children (many of whom Micciché has watched grow into Weston. He named the shop Florentine Frames and went to work. adults), and maybe stay for a shot of espresso. They leave their valuable "When you're young, the world is your playground," says Micciché. "I thought if the store doesn't work, I can always go back to [Italy]. But people so much," says Micciché. "I'm here because the customers are I always thought I would succeed." Micciché was right. He did succeed; here. They're doing me a favor by being here, not the other way it just took him a little longer than expected. When Florentine Frames 148 pieces of art work for framing without even asking for a receipt. "I love around. My upbringing was customers first, always."

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