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The Manse's holiday smörgåsbord includes traditional Swedish fare, including meatballs, Gravlax, ham, herrings, hardboiled eggs with caviar, and more. schnapps. That's what Swedes do at Christmas, Midsummer, Easter, and crayfish parties when schnapps is served." After the mid-day feast, most Scandinavians exchange gifts brought by Santa called Jultomten, or by gnomes or elves called Tomte or Nissar or Nisse. Karin describes the excitement at her household, "As it's getting dark outside, Santa can be expected at any moment. That's when an uncle or grandpa sneaks out to 'buy the newspaper'... and unfortunately misses Santa when he comes to deliver the gifts. I love it when the kids sit in the window, trying to see if Santa is coming." Maria potatoes, rice pudding, mulled wine, and beer. Karin Södervall, who moved to Wellesley from Sweden in 2008 but typically returns there for Christmas, lists the abundant array of dishes in her family's Julbord (Christmas smorgasbord): Jansson's Temptation (potato, anchovy, onion, and cream), ham, herring in different sauces, salmon, meatballs, small sausages, deviled eggs, sillsallad (herring, potatoes, boiled egg, apples, onions, red beets, and cream), vörtbröd (rye bread), cheeses, beer, and spiced schnapps. "We sing when we drink If you are game to find your inner Scandinavian chef, prepare the following recipes to add a few Nordic treats to your traditional holiday spread. SWEDISH MEATBA LLS (adapted from Swed ish Food, 3 by ∕4 lbs. beef , ground ∕4 lbs. pork , ground 1 ∕3 cup brea d crumbs 1 cup wat er 1 cup crea m 1 Wezäta Fä rlag, first publ ished in 1947) 1 Tbsp. bu tter 1 1∕2 tsp. sa lt 1 ∕4 tsp. whi te pepper 1 ∕2 tsp. suga r 2 to 3 Tbsp . butter fo r frying 1 Tbsp. on ion, finely chopped Sauté onio n in butte r until gol den brow add crum n. Combin bs, and so e water an ak. Add b d cream, eef, pork, crumb mix onion, an ture and m d seasonin ix thoroug gs to small balls hly until sm , using 2 ooth. Sha tablespoo pe into ve ns dipped ry until even in cold wat ly brown, shaking p er. Fry in b an contin utter Serve hot uously to or cold as make balls Smörgåsb round. ord dish. G) TMAS RICE PUDDIN TOMTEGRÖT (CHRIS MARIA DAVIDSSON'S 11∕3 cups pudding rice 21∕3 cups water We l l e s l e y We s t o n M a g a z i n e | w i n t e r 2 0 1 3 / 2 0 1 4 1 Tbsp. of butter ∕2 tsp. salt 41∕4 cups whole milk al) Cinnamon stick (option 1 Add the milk, the butter for 10 minutes. Boil the rice, water, and 1 hour. mer for 45 minutes to salt, and sim cinnamon stick, and the add a splash of cream ke a "deluxe" version, Stir occasionally. To ma ally eaten with a table. Tomtegröt is tradition when you add the milk on and sugar. Some or a sprinkle of cinnam spoon of golden syrup out. However, a cup milk, but I prefer it with like it with a splash of iss. of glögg wouldn't go am AKOR PS ~ LUCIAPEPPARK LUCIA GINGER SNA 11∕2 cups heavy cream 21∕2 cups brown sugar 11∕4 cups dark syrup 1 Tbsp. ginger 9 cups flour , and baking soda syrup, ginger, lemon rind Whip cream, add sugar, il smooth. Cover and . Add flour and work unt and stir for 10 minutes and floured baking boards rnight. Turn onto leave in cool place ove er shapes. Brush with wat cutters, cut out roll out thin. With floured n for 15 minutes. cookie sheet in 250˚ ove and bake on greased l. Leave on sheet to coo 122 ted 1 Tbsp. lemon rind, gra 2 Tbsp. baking soda

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