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an interview with dr. sanjiv chopra WWM: You and your brother have a book coming out in May, enti- book, and what has happened to us since my brother came to the United tled Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream. Can States in 1970, and wife and I came in 1972. We wrote 12 chapters each. you give our readers a sneak preview of what it contains? I entitled one chapter "Blind for A Day." At the age of 12, I suddenly Dr. Chopra: Yes, I have one brother, Deepak, who is two years older lost my sight. I underwent much testing, but in the end, my father's than I, and we're very close. We had a magical childhood. My father superior diagnostic skills brought timely intervention and treatment was in the Indian Army Medical Corps, and every three years we that saved my sight. The incident was a significant contributing factor moved to a different location in India, and we were tutored by the towards my career decision to become a doctor. I've told this story to Irish Christian Brothers. doctors at Harvard Medical School, and they're amazed that my father Our parents, grandparents, and uncles were amazing storytellers and was so smart. kept us spellbound. We have so many stories about our childhood in the WWM: Do you have any funny stories you can tell us about you and your brother? Dr. Chopra Exposes Health Myths Dr. Sanjiv Chopra says don't believe the hype, especially ones that begin with the phrase, "Studies show…" He exposes many health myths — and lends credence to others — in his 2010 book, Dr. Chopra Says: Medical Facts and Myths Everyone Should Know. "Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, said to take Vitamin C in large doses to help stave off the common cold, Dr. Chopra: My brother Deepak has a dimple in his chin, just like Kirk Douglas. The truth is that I'm responsible for it! When I was eight and he was ten, we were living in a town called Jabalpur in central India. I was a good shot with a bow and arrow and BB gun. One day, I put a tin of cherry blossom boot polish on a pole to shoot at, and my brother stood behind it, saying, "Go ahead and shoot." So I aimed for the can, missed, and the pellet hits him in the chin. He's bleeding, but but it's not true," Dr. Chopra reveals. "Vitamin C doesn't pre- he says, "We'll tell mom I tripped on barbed wire." Although I pointed vent colds, and in fact, large doses could lead to kidney out we shouldn't lie, I eventually agreed to the plan. stones," he informs. "In fact, there's an old Latin saying — if you have a cold and treat it, it will take you seven days to recover. If you don't take anything for it, recovery will take a week." Some have trouble believing the notion that a glass of red A few days later my brother had a swelling in his chin. My grandmother picked up on the fact that something wasn't quite right—she wine a day is good for you. "This is actually true," explains thought there might be metal in there. Sure enough, my brother went Dr. Chopra. "But it's not just red wine. Studies show whether to the hospital, and there they found the pellet lodged in his chin. And it's red or white wine, or even a single malt scotch, they all have the same benefit. The alcohol increases your HDL our parents told us to never lie again. (high-density lipoprotein), which is the good cholesterol that reduces heart disease." Speaking of beverages, congratulate yourself if you drink two to three cups of coffee a day — or more. "Drinking too We l l e s l e y We s t o n M a g a z i n e | s p r i n g 2 0 1 3 much coffee has supposedly been linked to a variety of health WWM: You have had much success, but what has been your biggest . .ou overcome it? problems but, in fact, you're doing your liver a favor," explains Dr. Chopra: Some years ago I picked up golf — to me it's the most Dr. Chopra. "Coffee offers benefits, including protection unforgiving sport and the quintessential quest for perfection. My against heart disease, liver cirrhosis, Type 2 diabetes, and can even be used to treat headaches." friends and I, who were all tennis players, switched to golf for a new challenge. They all said their goal was to break 100. But my goal is to be a scratch player! I still dream about playing better, and that has 50

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