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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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Powerful Women Summit, she met a woman who had moved from Boston to Alaska who expressed gratitude and relief that in a remote location far from home she had Care.com to help her find a nanny for her children. Sheila also receives letters from military families often facing the huge challenge of caring for family with one spouse deployed overseas. Sheila recounts the note she received from Lieutenant Colonel Sarah, "I don't know how we could do what we do for our country if you didn't help us." Another woman sent Sheila a photo of her dad who had recently passed with a note saying, "We want to let you know that you helped us make the last months of our dad's life full." Even though these comments are all from women, Sheila believes that managing professional and personal lives is a challenge for both men and women, it's just that women are more comfortable being vocal about it. And while she agrees with Princeton University professor and former Director of Policy Planning for the US State Department Anne-Marie Slaughter's statement in The Atlantic — "women still can't have it all" — Sheila is reconciled to the reality that perfection and balance are elusive. Sheila is driven to help organizations do "good" and "well" at the same time. In addition to a consumer business, Care.com offers a corporate service for employers to offer as an employee benefit. Companies including Google, Hallmark, Disney Publishing, Facebook, and Digitas are customers. The data from these companies and others reinforces the premise that helping employees manage their family responsibilities makes them more productive contributors and loyal to their employers. In a 2011 survey of employees from existing Care.com corporate clients, 92 percent stated better focus at work with their family's care needs met, and more than 91 percent regard their We l l e s l e y We s t o n M a g a z i n e | s p r i n g 2 0 1 3 employer more positively for providing the service. Sheila is also driven to support entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs. In addition to founding Care.com, Sheila founded WomenUp, an organization chartered to connect and mentor women. "We've seen great advancements for women in the workforce, but progress seems to stall as women get closer to the top. Corporations 126

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