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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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family matters "learning more about what life has to offer" "When you hear the name 'Boys & Girls Club,' you already know it has an excellent reputa- tion," Taylor-Kapoor imparts. "But until people actually came to the event, they may not have fully understood what the Clubs offer to members and their families. There's a lot of depth, and a lot of great programs—it's not just a brand name. " It was especially powerful for Weston residents to learn that it only costs $75 to fund a child for a week. "It's such a small number to be able to make a big difference, and I believe that peo- ple like to come together and do something good," says Taylor-Kapoor. "The scholarships that allowed my kids to attend camp removed my worry about what my children could be getting into," says an appreciative mother. "They loved being with their friends and learning more about what life has to offer." When other organizations in town learned of the drive, they were eager to participate via their own programs. For example, the Weston Community Children's Association (WCCA) staged a mini-marathon behind the middle school, with proceeds benefiting the Blue Hill summer camp push. "Just as important as the programs we offer, by attending summer camp, the kids were able to maintain the relationships they have here throughout the school year, " McLellan empha- sizes. "The donations raised by the Weston Friends offered continuity with friends and our staff, so we could still provide kids with key connections in the summertime." "My children have told me that they would rather be at the Boys & Girls Club camp and be active, rather than staying home and watching television," verifies a parent of three youngsters. Mattoon says the committee plans to keep the good times rolling for city youth by mak- ing fundraising an annual effort. "Last sum- mer was not a one-time, one-shot deal," she declares. "We hope to provide the same or a greater number of kids with camp experience this summer. " Katterhagen adds, somewhat modestly, "We're simply supporting a nonprofit that has so much going for it already. " Fuchs believes the mission resonated with Weston donors because every parent shares worries about summertime. "Our goals are the same as all parents want for their kids during June, July, and August—learning enrichment," says Fuchs. "It was so meaningful and positive to have more children at camp last summer, and we're so grateful." For more information about the Weston Friends of Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club, please contact: KATHLEEN KATTERHAGEN: kkatter@comcast.net MARY ANN MATTOON: maryannmattoon@gmail.com BLUE HILL BOYS & GIRLS CLUB: www.bgcb.org/ locations_clubs_bluehill.cfm 144 WellesleyWeston Magazine | summer 2012

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