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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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sun was so hot it melted the tar on the road, and as our tires went over the bubbles they splashed up on our legs." At one point, they stopped for a break and "went for a swim in gla- cial runoff, very refreshing, and I revived enough to go further, riding in my bathing suit… It was simply staggering, but there was no alternative, so we kept going." The second day, her small contingent continued to Banff. The rest of the hostellers were coming by truck but, instead of waiting for them, she and Billy Burpee climbed a mountain to a sulphur spring, then biked back to the night's hostel. She was awed by the sights and smells, but exhausted: "That night we again slept three to a bed, but I was already asleep before everyone else was in bed, so I didn't even know." Looking back, Nancy reflects, "It was very brave of our parents to give us so much freedom." That free- dom was generations away from the protective par- 108 A Teen on Tour W e l l e s l e y W e s t o n M a g a z i n e | s p r i n g 2 0 1 5

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