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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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44 W e l l e s l e y W e s t o n M a g a z i n e | f a l l 2 0 1 4 on sunday, May 3, this year, about 100 volunteers of all ages took part in the first annual Wellesley Day of Service, coordinated by Wellesley Volunteers and entirely supported by a grant from The Fund for Wellesley. Volunteers cleared trails and cleaned up the beach at Morses Pond. Parents and children, working side by side with Wellesley firefighters, made care packages for Massachusetts soldiers serving overseas, which made it to their destinations just in time for Memorial Day. Hard-working volunteers at Wellesley Friendly Aid washed dozens of cars to raise money for the Wellesley Friendly Aid Camp Fund. Thousands of food items were collected and delivered by volunteers to the Wellesley Food Pantry, filling the shelves at a time of year when supplies are often short. Volunteers staffed the Wellesley Police Department's Savage Road Race, helping to support the most successful event to date. An entire dumpster of out-of-date and damaged books were removed from the RDF's Book Swap. Several groups worked with the Department of Public Works to survey the sidewalks of our town to improve safety for all. The extraordinarily successful event involved nearly every town department, and many of Wellesley's nonprofit organizations, schools, and houses of worship. What's especially wonderful about this day is that the volunteers were young, old, working together in families, organized, last-minute, and everything in between. And that's exactly what volunteerism should be about. Wellesley Volunteers was created because a diverse group of Wellesley residents wanted to find a better way to help volunteers find projects, and help organizations who needed volunteers find them. But more than that, Wellesley Volunteers was created to encourage people to think broadly and out of the box about ways to improve and strengthen our community. Lots of volunteers think about serving at a soup kitchen. But what about the dozens of Wellesley residents who serve as Town Meeting representatives? Every single per- son who votes as a Town Meeting member effects change and strengthens our town as a volunteer. And how about the inex- haustible School Committee members? That's a volunteer opportunity that pro- vides unparalleled rewards to the town and benefits thousands of children. And then the scores of MetroWest nonprofits that exist only because there are volunteers will- ing to serve as board members, gala com- mittee staff, and envelope stuffers. Volunteerism has so many benefits – obviously for the recipient of volunteer services, but also for the volunteer and for the community at large. If fall is the time when your thoughts tend toward finding a new volunteer opportunity, there are many options. Think about whether your skills and talents would be a benefit to the town as a Town Meeting member or a town board. Do you want a year-long commitment, and thus a deeper connection? How about becoming an ESL tutor? The ESL tutoring Working Together to Strenghten the Community [ forum ] L A U R E L LY L E writer LAUREL LYLE is Chair-Community Board of the Fund for Wellesley and Director of Fundraising Programs for Cure Alzheimer's Fund

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