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Launched in 2005, WellesleyWeston Magazine is a quarterly publication tailored to Wellesley and Weston residents and edited to enrich the experience of living in two of Massachusetts' most desirable communities.

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two walls holds her collection of ceramic bowls, stacked and arranged in pleasing color groupings. Her first step is underpainting on canvas, some- times in a neutral, but often in bold color. Rather than sticking to a single color for the underpainting, she may create swaths of different colors. For one beach abstract, she underpainted with fuschia and chartreuse. "I just feel like there are no rules," she says. "I wish I had a background in art, but at the same time I'm glad that I don't." To create translucency or add sheen, she mixes glazes into her paints and works with a large brush, perhaps adding details later with a smaller brush. She's fast and decisive. "My painting is not neat. It's all about the energy." Blake's painting also has therapeutic value, as she has struggled with depression. "I was sad to be done having children," she says. "This gift, these paintings, became something I created — not in the same way, but they helped fill that void." She's especially inspired by the season of spring, which, with its evanescent beauty, reminds her to savor life's small moments. The theme of light runs through her work, with high contrast symbolizing a desire for optimism. Blake sees her work as a vehicle for focusing on opportunities, choosing priorities, and making choices "between good and better, between better and best, as well as between good and bad." Blake acknowledges that her path has been unconventional. "Some artists map out their course," she says. "I just want to paint what makes me happy." Her latest work centers around skyscapes, symbolizing infinite possibilities. "The sky's the limit — the whole world's open to us," she says. "It's about looking up, not looking down. I'm a very faithful person. I believe in God and looking to a higher source for comfort and guidance." More than 100 people attended her open house in May, and Blake's paintings seemed to resonate. "One of the most common responses to my paintings is that they're so happy," she says. "We can choose happiness. I want people to look at my work and see the good in the world. If my paintings can help people appreciate life, that would be my goal." 180 W e l l e s l e y W e s t o n M a g a z i n e | f a l l 2 0 1 4 artist profile "evanescent beauty" below: Perfect Day on the Vineyard; above: Sky's the Limit

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